Did you know that digital technology has interrupted the way we capture our life moments. Phone cameras have become part of us, they have enabled us to now capture high-quality photos on any occasion effortlessly. The rise of the phone – cameras have helped so many of us to document our milestones with ease. Of course phones are cheaper and more portable than most digital cameras but where do all the photos that we take go? We at Malaika Prints can help you answer that question by enabling you to preserve your memories in a photo book

Did you know that your phone photos can be made into a beautiful photo-book?

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First day at school, first birthday, first smile, first bite of food, first plane trip : People are drowning in a virtual sea of digital images. But the real problem is that all these photos sit in oblivion online or in hard drives, seemingly never to see the light of a photo book or album . The team at Malaika Prints guarantees you that photos books can be used in numerous ways to keep your memories.

Photo books can be gifted or kept for personal mementos, garnering smiles for years to come. Unfortunately, while almost all photos we take with our phones end up being trashed to create more space, we often forget why we took them in the first place. Many are lost when our phones crush or when they are stolen, thus losing all the moments. We are here to preserve your memories as you free your space

Why you need to make a photobook?

A friend of mine was overwhelmed about the number of photos she had on her phone, I’m sure many of us feel the same, but Malaika Prints offers a solution for your digital photos. We can bring them to life using a photo-book or photo prints.

Below are some reasons why you need them printed into a beautiful book

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1. Space & Time saver

If you compare photobooks with Photo Albums, You will get dismayed by how much space the later took up on your shelves—not to mention how much time it took to print out the photos and assemble the albums.

2. Backup

Another reason to go with printed albums? We will keep your photos and books stored indefinitely. Should a book get lost or destroyed, simply order another.

I think that the quality of photo books is nicer than albums with shiny sleeves.

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3. Safety

You remember those friends who removed photos from your album with or without permission, with a photobook, all your moments are safe.


4. Protection: Beautiful Book covers

They say a book is not judged by its cover. However, with our photobooks, they tell a story of their own, the cover tells what lies inside. Amazing colors (evocative), hard, stylish and professionally crafted , we ensure that your photos will be protected from external damage of mishandling. They also come in different materials to suit your taste. You can choose from;

  • Padded cover
  • Linen cover
  • Premium Leatherette
  • Genuine Leather
  • Silk cover

Additionally, the spine is sturdy to hold the pages together firmly. This makes our photobooks durable, easy to flip open, and comfortable to flicker through the pages.

5. Premium quality paper print

Having your photos printed in high resolutions just as you took them is critical to maintaining the quality of your images. The elegant, high-end with hard layflat pages, Stunning 2-page Spread, No Bulging, No Gutter! Thick Non-Curly and Rich High-Density Natural Color prints. We have, therefore, undevoured to utilize the best quality paper in the industry. We have a variety of print papers that offers a different texture to your photos. These include pearl finish, semi-gloss, soft sheen luster or premium matte, among others.

Editors Choice !

5. Professional printing

Our experienced designers have the expertise to print your photos using high-quality technology. We will deliver crystal clear images in amazing layouts. We ensure your occasion photos are organized in a smooth flow from the beginning to the end.


Yearbook, Senior Portraits Photobooks & Annual journal photo books

Let us help you tell and preserve your annual stories and journaling your adventures in our premium photobooks.

New Babies, Milestones and Family Happiness Photobook


Did you welcome a new baby or babies home? From baby milestones, birthdays to family reunions, each day is filled with memories to treasure. You’ve captured the beautiful memory, now make sure these are not forgotten and the stories retold by printing them in a Malaika Prints photobook.

Wanderlust, Travel PhotoBook

Tell your story, relive your travel, vacation, reunion and other special moments over and over. Let us put together your amazing photo journal of the most special to everyday visual stories.

Wedding, Honeymoon, Anniversary and Couple Photobook

Don’t let the photos of your first dates to everyday love stories get buried and lost on your phones and hard drives. We will make it easy and striking to tell the story of your engagement, showers, wedding and honeymoon. From the moment she said yes to the wedding planning and details of the celebration itself. Relive and celebrate your anniversary over and over by printing your special travel, party and celebration photography in a photobook. Print them in Malaika Prints photobooks.

Baptisms, Christenings, Communions and Religious Ceremonies

Whether you are celebrating a Baptism, Christening, Communion, we shall put all your photos in a beautiful photobook. Printed on premium paper that is glaze coated to a matte finish, Malaika Prints photobooks are available in 3 unique sizes and cover options are fade proof, tear proof and even spill proof. So make a photobook of your religious memories today, a permanent photobook that will last for generations.

Mother’s Day Photobook

Always struggling to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Well, make it special this year and make her a photo book. Photobooks are a perfect way to say I’m thinking of you or thank you all year round, and these photobook covers for Mom and other loved ones will put the perfect finishing touch on your photo story.

Birthday Celebrations Photobook

Whether to commemorate a first birthday party to an 80th celebration or to give a personal photobook as a one of a kind gift for a special friend, choose a celebration theme photo book cover to tell your stories. Your guest of honor will love reliving her special day through a photo book of stories and moments from the birthday celebration.

Graduation Photobook

We aim to deliver memorable moments on a high-quality print that will last forever. To make it right from the start, contact us today and experience our unrivaled photo book printing services.

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