Studio Photo Session : Blessing Naturinda

In this day and age, selfies are the norm of the day. But as a professional, once in a while you deserve a professional photography treat. Studio Photography has again increasingly become popular and for this matter, Malaika Prints is one of the best studios in town to give you that experience.

studio portraits

I have loved photos since I was a child. My parents took us to studio for family photo sessions every weekend. In fact, my father later bought a camera because he believed so much in capturing and freezing beautiful moments in photographs. Moments we still cherish to this day because of those photos. (See adorable young Blessing below)

film photography

The Visit

I have grown up with the love for photos, I know the importance of capturing moments and creating everlasting memories-and so does the professional team at Malaika Prints. You see, Uganda boasts of a diverse group of photographers and creatives but until you’ve stepped foot into the studios of Malaika Prints, you have not met the most professional of them all. My 2 cents.

A few weeks ago, I went for a photoshoot at Malaika Prints Studio located on Ayub Nsibirwa complex, Frobel Stage, Bukoto.


Portraits of Blessing Naturinda at Malaika prints Photography studio in Uganda

My choice was Corporate Photography and Portraits. I wanted images that I would flaunt on my professional social media sites to appeal to a professional audience. As well as share with both existing and potential clients. After my photo-shoot, what I got was a ton of mind-blowing radiant images. I was thrilled with the results! I kept joking that I looked like the next CEO of YouTube, but you see it wasn’t entirely a joke. I have dreams and the photos are a perfect visual representation of my dreams.The moment I shared some of the images on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, they blew up. You could say, they broke the internet just like Kim Kardashian’s nudes did some time back, except, the only thing I had exposed about my features was my Smile and attitude.


They were simply beautifully-taken photos, captured against different colorful backdrops, with excellent lighting and a matching degree of creative direction. I didn’t have to share the photos any further by myself, everyone that saw them, involuntarily shared them within their circles and their social sites and my DMs were abuzz with just one question; who took your photos?

Once that question was answered, everyone wanted to book their own photo shoot-and they did. If you do not believe me, follow these link

Photography studio in Uganda with woman on a red backdrop

Now, I might have joked about the photos portraying me as the next CEO of YouTube but I will openly share that currently, those photos are hanging in beautiful black photo frames in my living room and bedroom and they are a constant reminder that I must stay on track in pursuit of my dreams.

To the team at Malaika Prints, thank you for merging my vision for the photoshoot with your incredible direction, art and professionalism to produce everlasting pieces of art.

'woman in photo studio in uganda yellow  backdrop
smiling woman in red brouse on a red studio backdrop

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    Jhenell Dina
    November 8, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    How much are walk ins?

    • Reply
      Emmanuel Museruka
      November 8, 2019 at 3:15 pm

      Walk in 20k per photo you select or a package of 150k

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