How to achieve the perfect pose for your photo shoot

Photography is one of those things you do while having the most fun. Something that allows you to be yourself or imagine an alternate version of you, all brought to life through the power of the camera. We have all come across people that are a bit hesitant to take part in photo shoots because of one excuse or another – Common excuses are “i am not photogenic enough or how do i pose properly for photos?” – we are sure that many have heard or actually said the statements above.

Malaika Media comes to deliver one particular piece of good news in this read; you do not have to be a professional to take a lovely photograph, you also don’t have to be from outer space to achieve this look.

Allow us to indulge you into some simple tips on how to make the best out of your photo shoots. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, beautifully dark skinned or elegantly light skinned – these steps can help you achieve that dream. You can have a magazine worthy photography of yourself too.

Blessing Naturinda has become a natural in front of the camera

Tips on how to up your pose game

Have you ever wondered how professionals look stunning in literally every picture, well here is a a comprehensive video with some pro tips on how to achieve the perfect pose;

Malaika Media takes pride in bringing out the best look with every photography session we do. Many times, people think it takes complexity to get the right pose and ultimately that perfect picture. Sometimes all you have to do is ;

  • Have fun during the photo shoot
  • Be free and comfortable
  • Be yourself
  • Interact with the photographer
  • Tap into your imagination

Our awesome photography team

The dexterous Malaika Media studio team – Malaika Prints

The Malaika media team understands that photography is all about inventing yourself and this comes through interaction with the photographer and the camera. Our experts take the time to tap into how you feel, your body language and what you envision the look to be – with this, we help you unveil that photo that you desire.

Check us out today : Frobel Stage Bukoto, Ayub Nsibirwa building Kampala – 0756833430

Mushema Housen rocking the simple yet precise pose

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