The graduation season and why photography is a key aspect of it

An academic graduation is one of the most anticipated moments in the life of anyone that comprehends the value of education. For those that have gotten the chance to don the trademark gowns, they will be well aware of the hustle it takes to complete such a grand milestone, from primary school to the tussles of tertiary education.

The sleepless nights, piles of books and endless assignments of work juggled with other aspects of life. Graduation is no simple feat and therefore every time someone graduates, the cause to celebrate is highly justified.

Savor the moment

One of the best ways to celebrate such a milestone is by getting yourself a nice photo shoot – it can be an indoor shoot or an outdoor experience. Either way, having a couple of photographs to commemorate the achievement is something we highly recommend.

Why photography is key for your graduation

  • Memory lane – While we were blessed with the ability to remember moments from time to time, the memory saved by the brain fades. This is where you need some photos to look at in remembrance of that monumental day.
  • Evidence – funny as it might sound, this is a valid point. Have you ever tried to convince people of something and you have no evidence of it ? if so, then it’s highly likely that you appreciate the importance of photos. Take for instance, when you are trying to tell a story to your great grand children, wouldn’t the photo paint a vivid picture for your tale.
  • The parents – As a parent, the struggle to get your child through school from the infant stage to campus is one best described as an extreme sport. The one thing that gives our dear parents joy is sharing a photo moment with their child basking in the pride of nurturing one for such a great achievement.
The parents take absolute joy in these moments
  • Photo Frames – In a few years after graduation when one has their own place to call home, nothing looks better in the living room than a photo frame of a graduation picture. Most living rooms tell a story, photo frames from infancy all the way to marriage. You can call it a time travel sequence.

The hustles of graduation : a video made by our very own Blessing Naturinda

Graduation Photography offers that might interest you

Malaika Media believes in using photography to celebrate every special moment in life. With that being said, we know that the fresh graduates from the university of Makerere are in need of great portraits to keep as a memoir for their lives.

Click the link below and let’s give you the perfect offer to get six portrait shots at a very convenient fee. Quality and cost effectiveness all wrapped in a single bundle.

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