Family studio photography sessions are recently the way to go about capturing beautiful memories. They are an indirect way of cutting costs compared to photographing on location or at your home. There is nothing as nice as entering your home and having to marvel at framed memories of your family. Why would you have to explain to your kids about their childhood when you can have photographic evidence of the beautiful moments. Family studio photography sessions are a way to capture special milestones in your children’s lives

Family studio photography sessions will enable you to capture memories of your kid’s as they age

At Malaika Prints, we are firm believers that family comes first and we enjoy the thrill of family photo shoots. So, here is why we think you and your loved ones should get a shoot today;

For future generations

Remember how your dad used to tell you about his great grand dad ? – Now just imagine they had taken photographs of them, wouldn’t it be easier to explain? Here is where family studio photography sessions come in handy

Family studio photography sessions

It’s high time the trend was broken; make sure the next generation has an array of pictures of the family. Back up all those amazing stories and memories with printed photos to paint the visual picture. Always remember, you’re not just taking the photos for yourself but for generations to come. Family photo sessions make this very easy for you

Make Memories

As family people, we keep telling ourselves that we shall constantly make time for those we love but what better way to do it than through photography. Take the family out for a photo session once in a while, have fun getting the kids in position and spend time while having all this captured.

Children Photography / Copyright Malaika Media

Family studio photography sessions are a continuous process because there are so many themes that one can use, different attires to wear and the need to have all moments captured as the family grows. Why depend on the mind to keep all your memories when you can have them taken and framed in the convenience of your living room.

Who knows when it could be your last

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen at any moment. It might seem melancholic but it is the truth of the matter; one minute you are with someone and the next they are gone. Take time to see some one, share a great moment and take a photo to save it for eternity. This greatly applies to family and it is integral to celebrate them while they are still alive.

Documenting progress

It is something we have been hinting on subtly in the sections above but ideally, family photo sessions are the best way to document growth. How the kids looked at age six as compared to how they look at twelve. This applies to the parents as well; how you look when it’s still a young family versus when you have three kids in high school is different so always record every moment.

Family studio photography Sessions seal your memories together


In the modern era, it’s easy to take a selfie or to use your phone to take pictures but how often does one get to take a high quality picture of the family. High quality family studio photography sessions bring memories that last ages and maintain quality as compared to your phone, harddrive or laptop that could get jammed or not produce a proper quality photography.

We hope you get the gist of why you and your family need to invest in photo shoots frequently. Have a look at what Malaika Prints does and book your photosession

Check out this and see how lovely family photo sessions are;

Family photo shoot behind the scenes

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