Reasons why Christmas is the best time for a family photo shoot

When many of us think of Christmas and the holidays, what comes to mind is a period that evokes a feeling of excitement and love. Love we get to share with people close to us – it becomes a real thing to always document these moments with professional photos. This is why we, at Malaika Prints believe that this is a perfect opportunity to express your love and care and cherish the few moments of the season with a family photo shoot.

There seems a magic in the very name of Christmas

Charles Dickens

Christmas is a magical time full of shiny decorations, trees and lights which additionally add more charm to it. It’s a time worth keeping in mind and it’s best to do it through photography. The world has become fixed with mobile phone images due to advanced technology but nothing beats the vibe of a professionally done photo shoot at a studio or an outdoor shoot with a beautiful theme to match it.

Why have a professional Christmas family photo shoot?

Thinking out loud; this is why we think people ought to indulge more in photo shoots this festive season particularly families :-

Family photo shoot
Behind the scenes studio photo shoot of a themed family

Firstly, each kind of photo taken especially when done professionally brings out a unique concept to savoir the given memory which can later be referred to – “oh, this was done during the Christmas of 2019” thus presenting a unique keepsake.

Secondly, it’s an original gift idea for your family – we bet the grand parents will be thrilled with pictures of their grandchildren in the Christmas edition. 

Thirdly, participating in a photo shoot can be both a lot of fun and an idea on how to spend some free time together in a creative way.

family studio shoot uganda
Behind the scenes studio photo shoot at Malaika Prints

Fourth, it’s a way to celebrate what has been a long year and how far you and your loved ones have come despite the ups and downs and how the family is still standing strong.

Fifth, Kids tend to grow so fast and before you know it, they have become big and parents always wonder when all this happened. Christmas is a holiday strategically positioned at the end of the year which is the perfect time to take photos of the kids for memories sake – “this was little Daniel at the age of 5 ….”

Sixth, traditionally around Christmas is when people get to exchange gifts, go shopping for clothes and much more. Who wouldn’t want to take a photo of themselves in their brand new shirt or those awesome denim jeans that were picked out for them.

Our deduction

Need we add more reasons for your family to get a photo shoot this Christmas season?? There are lots of ways in which the shoots can be spiced up with themes, props, studio setting or giving it an outdoor feel at the home or the beach. 

family photo studio time uganda

Editors Choice

It ideally depends on how imaginative you are and how creative your photography team is. Malaika Prints is a studio that engulfs professionalism and passion all in one. 

Doing a photo shoot this festive season is a perfect opportunity to share and keep memories of
your loved ones forever. Looking back at 20 years, Christmas day photographs were different
from the ones of today. The young ones were short with short hair and today, they’re adults, tall
and some are already parents.

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