Celebrating the month of love

Love can be defined in so many different ways; ideally the interpretation of love is generally based on individual perception. Love varies according to what one has encountered across the course of their lives and how it is celebrated in the month of love is quite diverse.

One thing we can agree on is the fact that love is aimed at making oneself or one’s partner feel good. Regardless of how it is done, the end game is normally the same. Valentines is usually a time when many get to celebrate their loved ones on a whole different level – whether it is your spouse, boy/girlfriend, parent, kids or friends; everyone has something planned for the 14th of February.

Shamirah Nannozi : one of the Valentines winners

In 2020, we were privileged to celebrate Valentines with the rest of the world. What better way to celebrate a memory than than sharing a photo moment with that special someone. A visual representation of the day that can be cherished with photos. These can be stored in so many forms; digital copies, a photo print or better yet, a framing for the living room.

Spreading love with our social campaigns

We ran a campaign where people shared their experiences and why they deserve a free photo shoot from our studio – the aim was to spread the love, you never know what a little love can do for someone. Since it was the season of love, we ran a campaign on our social media platforms ; Malaika Prints and Malaika Media as well as a joint campaign with Kampala FM where we talked about why Valentines is the best time to celebrate photography.

The Malaika media team sharing a photo moment with Kampala FM presenters

There were three winners who came through to the studio and had a free shoot to celebrate their valentines, it was surely a fun experience. One of our biggest lessons was the importance of building Self love – the winners were able to have fun, be themselves and share a smile all portrayed in the photos that will be savored for years to come commemorating such a special day. Love can be portrayed in many ways and we are glad we contributed this year.

Check out some of the photos from the Valentines shoot;

Shamirah having fun at her photo shoot
Shades of blue : Vanessa making the most of the camera and the studio props
Valentines can be the perfect opportunity to share a cute family photo moment
Vanessa really enjoyed her photo shoot

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