why men need to embrace photography a lot more

Back in the day, the roles in society where clearly stated for society. The men were providers and protectors while the women were nurturers of the home. It was that simple and nothing changed with this dynamic for quite a while.

Fast forward to the late 20th century and early 21st, things started to change with the introduction of new technology. The introduction of modern photography was one that shook the world – the fact that people could capture moments through photos and cherish them for years was a step in the right developmental direction. Whether it was through printed photos or soft copies, there was a change in how things were done.

However, not everyone embraces change at the same pace. The women of the new age took on documenting their lives through photography much more than their male counterparts. Maybe this was due to the fact that ladies are normally more self aware and conscious about their appearance than men.

The machismo man of the early 2000’s wasn’t about to take as many photos as a woman. This was because majority considered taking photos as a trait that steered far away from manly characters. Yes, there was a portion of men that embraced it but not as much as the ladies did.

Even to this day, women still take a lot more pictures according to surveys from photo studios and random assessments from smart phone pictures posted online. There is still a portion of men who steer away from photos.

5 reasons why men need to take photos

Embracing the new age gentleman – we are living in 2019 which is considered the revolutionary dotcom era. When the world changes, embrace change; there is a lot to love about documenting the moments that transpire in ones life.

Hold on to the memories – Gone are the days when we had to scratch our heads to remember moments from the past or people we meet after a couple of years. With one single photo, all the memories can come back, reminding you of every detail. All you need is a simple trigger – let photography be that for you.

Spend time with the ladies in our lives – Quite often, we ask ourselves how we can spend more time with our female counterparts. In a world where most women want to sit and have a cocktail on a Saturday afternoon while men want to go watch the game; photography can be that unifying factor. Spare some time to take your girlfriend, sister, mother or friend for a photo shoot; you will be surprised at how much fun you can have while putting a smile on her face.

Embrace a new passion – it’s healthy for humans to always learn something new – it keeps life exciting. Taking photos can reveal angles of yourself you had never seen. It makes you appreciate the moments in life whether small or grand plus it keeps you busy trying to look and dress the best you can

Self love – Take a photo of you, love yourself ; fall in love with a new version of you with each new day that comes. This kind of self love makes you attract other positive people in your life which enhances proper living.

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