Malaika Media celebrates Emmanuel Museruka’s milestones

It is safe to say that the lord has been good when referring to how much Malaika Media has achieved in 2019. It becomes even more resounding when celebrating the achievements of a driven leader and team player such as Emmanuel. Museruka. Emmanuel is a passionate photographer who started and shared his dream of Malaika Media with the world. Assembling a team of vibrant and ambitious youth, he has been able to change the paradigm of media services in East Africa.

The World begins to notice

For all his hard work, dedication and patience – Emmanuel has moved from stride to stride turning a small passion into a multi-functional media brand. A brand that has told the story of many for years now. As the saying goes, “keep working consistently and the world shall eventually take note of your efforts. That was the case this year as CEO Global awarded Emmanuel as the country and regional titan in the media industry. Bagging the awards for Uganda and the Great Lakes region as well as a nomination for the continental awards in Johannesburg next year.

Celebrating our wins

The Malaika Media team decided to commemorate this with a surprise party coupled with the passion that unifies us; photography. Savoring moments to cherish as we usher the new year into existence. The celebration was a token of the Malaika Media team’s appreciation to Emmanuel for his achievement but also a chance to look at how far the year has brought us and how far the company can still go.

The party

Indeed, all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy; Malaika Media showed that they are not only capable of producing quality work but also know how to let loose when it comes to party time. A surprise birthday celebration for Emmanuel was the perfect opportunity for a double jamboree with two cakes; one in celebration of the achievements of 2019.

We continue to spread our wings as it soars to greater heights in the quest to becoming Uganda’s bench mark in print, photography and video production. Our role is to tell the world’s story, getting everyone to see your story in the way you would want to tell it. Check out what we can do for you.

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