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I may not be where I want to be, but am not where I used to be. Earlier in the days, I was the only person running almost all errands from photography, video editing, photo editing, Human Resources name it. Everyone else on the team came in to help but on a freelance basis. From Kizito Mudambo, Jjumba Martin, Michael Kibunga, and many others. Nevertheless, I had pillars that supported my day to day video production assignments. Since I made it a point to celebrate people that have made Malaika Media great from its hail days of 2010, today I want to recognise our videographer Michael Kibunga.

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

Willie Nelson

I met Michael Kibunga in 2013. And it’s been six amazing years of work since then. At Malaika Media, Michael wears many hats. But one that stands out like the proverbial sore thumb, is his magical touch at videography.

Emmanuel Museruka Interviewing a beneficiary of SolarNow in Mpigi, Uganda while Michael films

Why I celebrate my Michael?

Michael has literally put his hands on almost all the video projects at Malaika. His video skills have greatly impacted on Malaika Media positively but above all, his zeal and hardworking culture towards continuous professional development with the Malaika media and self has made him a better person.

Michael Kibunga filming at Wells of Life project in Myanzi, Uganda

My work colleagues have made me. They make me a better person everyday. They help me see the world differently when necessary. With them, we have been winning all the time and i believe, It’s important to put equal weight on celebrating wins; both big and small. In many cases, even the biggest projects and accomplishments are filled with smaller victories that often go unnoticed yet are worth moments of pride. And both are equally valuable and impactful to share.

Malaika Media Team L-R ; Nazil Muzungu, Ssozi Joseph and Michael Kibunga

Best memory

He is undoubtedly a team player. One day on an assignment in Pader district, Northern Uganda. Our car broke down as we rushed to meet our scheduled interviews. We had no option but leave it in the bush for the night. Michael woke up at 6.30 am the next morning, grabbed a motorbike and went to look for help. He rode for about 90Km to Lira district and back; after getting a mechanic. In that condition; it was a lifesaving feat; he literally saved the day. The other vivid memory is when ferry officials in Adjumani refused us to film, he told them that we were working for the ferry company. hahahahaha

A truck stuck on a bad road in Pader, Northern Uganda

There is, of course, the uphill of dealing with him. The funniest was when Michael had a “good night out” and forgot to wake up to work. The Operations manager reached out to him in the morning and his phones were off. Michael called back at midday and said his phone and other belongings had been stolen. I almost fired him. But such are the decisions in my docket, the judgement. Michael is chaotic at office but means business in the field.

Malaika Media field car being repaired in Pader, Northern Uganda

Of course; it’s not been a bed of roses with Michael. But over and above that, he has been an amazing person to work with and we look forward to happier times with him.

A person who feels appreciated will always do what is expected


I forgot to tell you, Michael knows someone in all places i have been with him. I find this ridiculous hahahahaha

Malaika Media team on a DNDi assignment in, Kaberamaido With Daphine on the boom, Northern Uganda

Check out the link below for some of our videos produced in the passed eight years

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