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Being in a creative environment is very intriguing to say the least; spending the day around creative minds stimulates one’s own inventiveness.

At Malaika media, the process of creating quality work for the esteemed clients is more than just going to the field for a couple of photographs or videos. Preparation for a project is deeper than that – it all starts with comprehending the story to be told; drawing inspiration, coming up with concepts coupled by a host of progress reviews.

For the client that has always wondered how quality work comes to life, it takes time to create the right concept to make just the right impression – after all, perfection is never rushed.


It’s an effort that involves the entire team from the photographers, video-graphers and content creators in coordination with the client whose feed back is essential in making it comfortable for all parties involved.

What you probably didn’t know

The great videos and photos take more than just one shot to capture the right aspect therefore please understand when they ask you to adjust a little here and there. Perfection from our photographers is something that has been acquired through lots of practice; the camera is the best friend to the eye therefore one has to establish a relationship with it to pick out the perfect angle, lighting or perspective.

Understanding the use of various equipment takes patience, research and the ability to think beyond the normal realm of convenience – staying on top of the media game means that one can’t afford to sit on their talents and time. Clients always want to see something new – they want to be lured and wowed, every single time.


This is more than just work, it’s a passion that we have to create through the art of the lens at Malaika media – taking time to experience being both in front and behind the lens even in our free time. It is fun to do what we do; after all, if you don’t love what you do then what’s the point?

For instance, the skill of drone filming is a trendy concept in today’s media content creation but can’t be fully harnessed in just a single day – finding the balance and the skill to capture the right shots or clips is essentially mastered over time.

What sets Malaika Media apart

The beauty of being part of the outstanding Malaika team is the strong camaraderie within the group where anyone can freely communicate or consult regardless of position in the team. This intangible asset creates an all-inclusive environment that enables everyone to learn and participate in all aspects thus breeding perfection.

The general involvement means that the end result of all effort is top notch because of constant review, assessment and analysis by the various creative minds that contribute an array of awesome ideas.

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