Printing photos is termed to be a thing of the past. However, as years go by, people’s demand for printed photos is gradually increasing. It is estimated that billions of humans armed with smartphones take over 1 trillion pictures every year. The sad thing is that most of the beautiful photos captured stay hidden in galleries and come off like they were simply a whim of the moment.

When you make prints you deepen your relationship with your images.

John Paul Caponigro

When you look at printed photos, they evoke memories attached to them. You get to bond with the subjects and loved ones more. That is what prints are all about; It is not the paper, canvas, wood, or metal that the image is printed on, but the memory that comes with it.

I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of that family unit. A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a safe holding space for kids where they are safe and protected. Kids get it on a really simple level.

David Krauss, – Psychologist
A framed photo of The Lens Foundation team taken at Malaika Prints Studio

There are quite a number of reasons as to why you need printed photos in this digital era. Here is why you should print or frame your photos.

1) Technology is Great, but Potentially Unreliable

We take a photo as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone

Digital data is a ticking time bomb – this digital world has also changed how we use and store those photos. Some on phones, on computer hard drives or uploaded to a cloud – Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive…, you name it. This has made many to heavily rely on these platforms to keep their memories. But will those platforms be around forever? Please don’t assume so. Technology changes so quickly. And how many of you have lost digital images due to a phone or computer crashing? How many of you actually look at your images that are stored in the cloud? What if you lost your log in credentials. What if you passed on(God forbid), your memories would forever be inaccessible to others.

Maybe you’re thinking you’re doing okay because your photos aren’t in the cloud now. But it’s not alright for your baby’s first photo shoot to be living on your whatsapp gallery from the photographer, on on a DVD somewhere in your house. You sadly cannot assume you will be able to access these photos forever, or that you can turn that disc into an album next year. (Case in point, some new computers don’t even have a disc drive!)

Your best insurance is to create a physical copy of those special photos in addition to your digital version – that way you know those important memories can live on for the next generation. It is very possible for you to have your phone or disk drive today and they crash tomorrow. Technology is fast progressing and a few years from now, most computers will not be able to read disks. Imagine the pain of waking up to the reality of this!

Framed photos by Malaika Prints

2. Printed and or Framed Photos are More Real

Printing and framing gives life to pictures.  It’s hard to ignore a picture when it’s mounted on your wall or if it’s in a frame at your desk.  The memory stored in the picture adds character to wherever you put it compared to when the same picture is on the cloud or phone memory.

“A picture is worth a thousand words; A fine art print so much more.”

Steve Denby

Printed photos are inspiring.  Just like printing inspirational quotes pinned on the wall, printed photos has the same effect.  Seeing the smiles on the faces of loved ones or having a visual reminder of that one specific memory is heart-warming and inspiring. It propels one to think about the future greatly while drawing some lessons from the past through printed photos.

3.They enlighten moods

A stuck of Printed photos of Sonia and Phionah

Having the ability to look back in time is priceless. Print those photos today! You will be glad that you did a few years down the road.

Emmanuel Museruka

The lifespan of digital photos is pretty microscopic; you take a picture and share it on social media where your connections spend a day or two liking it and commenting on it, then it all but disappears into your phone’s camera roll. Having physical copies, especially ones that are displayed around your house, means those images can live on for years and maybe even generations if you pass them down to your kids or grand children as gifts to be treasured.

If you’re feeling down or you’re just moody or grumpy, reliving some of your favourite happy memories can help by putting a smile back on your face (especially if you don’t have to search through your computer to find a few photos). Taking a look at your printed and framed picture stand in the hallway, on your desk or in the bedroom lightens up your moods and thoughts. You are prompted to be hopeful for the future while not worrying about the failures of yesterday.

4. Your memories live longer

Another thing to keep in mind is this-how many of you have old prints from your parents or grandparents? Have you ever thought about how that is part of your history? Digital Images are not archived; prints are. What happens when you have no digital images left? Will you be able to see any part of your history?

The young Emmanuel Museruka with siblings

5. Printed Photos is a Marketing Tool

Printing is not limited to personal photos but corporate events as well. All you need is a beautiful photo booth! In case you need to print your company events’ photos right away for participants to go with them, they can still be professionally taken, printed instantly with your logo mark. The photos are taken back home in turn marketing your brand for ever. Where need be, a photo book can be created and printed thence placed on the coffee table in office lounge/lobby.

Where to Frame your Photos?

We understand how busy everyone’s lives can be, and often the usb drive you receive from your photographer just comes home with you place it into the drawer. You think, “Oh, I will get those printed someday.” And, someday never comes. The usb drive that sits in a drawer, hidden from sight, is now forgotten. Out of site, out of mind.

A 24″x36″ photo frame in a living room

Don’t let the love you share sit in a drawer. Call us today so we can help you get your images onto the walls of your home. Statistics show that children who see their images in printed form on the walls of their home have a higher level of self esteem, feel more loved and valued, and feel like they “belong“.

You do not have to go through the hustle of running all over to get your photographs printed. These will be delivered at your door step. All you do is to e-mail us the photos you would love to be printed on [email protected]

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