What does christmas really mean to you?

Christmas photo shoot

The Christmas holidays are a very important period to many for a number of reasons. You don’t even have to be christian to cherish this holiday for the feelings it evokes and the moments created. For some Christmas is all about spending time with the family, for others Christmas is purely spreading joy to others. This can be through gifts and donations while others are excited simply for the big feasts.

Regardless of what Christmas‘ significance is in your life, it comes at a time when we all look back at what has been a long year and how far we have come. 2019 comes to a close in a few days, many have been born many have unfortunately perished; there have been ups and downs throughout the year but that’s what makes life an interesting journey.

Christmas photography
Christmas portrait shoot
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The christmas holiday is a time to reflect and commemorate the achievements of the past twelve months. What better way to look back that to document the moment with a timeless photograph showing how 2019 found you. It can be just an intimate photo shoot of you or it can be a bigger cast of you, your friends and/or family.

Christmas family photography shoot
Christmas gifts uganda

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Malaika Media wishes everyone a joyful festive season filled with love and memories to cherish. We are prepared to make this come alive with our Christmas photography offer that will undoubtedly capture every emotion through the power of the camera lens.

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