Malaika profiles : Blessing Naturinda

Free spirited, creative and spontaneous with a touch of professionalism is one way to sum up the personality that Blessing Naturinda is. A multi talented lady with the ability to multi task which comes in handy in the line of work that Malaika Media does. Blessing is the production coordinator but due to her experience in a number of fields, she finds herself pitching in here and there.

A day in Blessing’s life

Blessing kicks off her work day at 9:00 AM and has no specified end to her day. The responsibility that comes with having to ensure clients’ work is done within the stipulated standards and period sets the parameters of work for her. She coordinates field work, quotations with the Operations Manager, writing pre and post production scripts, editing videos together with Justine the video editor. This is all in a bid to tell our clients’ stories the right way as well as our own.

Well that isn’t all, she also proof-watches videos from editor’s desk and makes sure the client gets their work as well as coordinating any changes that might be required. It takes a determined person to fit all that into a day.

Her take on serving with Malaika Media

She shares with us, “Whereas Malaika Media tapped into my capabilities and skill set, unlike other work places that seem stuffed-up with no room for personal growth. Malaika media enabled me hone my skills, learn new stuff especially in production and post, enabling me also grow a network of colleagues.”

Outside Malaika

Malaika media encourages all its team players to develop other aspects of their lives and Blessing fully embraced this.

“I am a sucker for watching Rugby so much that I had set Saturday aside. People know better than to ask me to do work on that day.” She is an ardent fan of the Hima cement Heathens who are the 2018/2019 defending champions of the Nile Special stout Uganda rugby league.

She adds, “I am passionate about change and helping to become a voice for people with albinism.”

Her background with Malaika media

Blessing joined Malaika media in 2016 on part-time basis as a script writer and voice over artist. At the time, she was working as a news anchor at Record Television. She eventually sealed the deal in 2018 joining on full time basis to coordinate production work.

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