One on one with the malaika prints operations manager

Women are an integral part of society and much as their efforts were subdued in the past – these days, they are appreciated a lot more. We live in a society where women are now actively involved in professional systems, leadership as well providing for their homes. It is the International women’s week which culminates with Women’s day on the 8th of March.

In the same spirit, we decided to catch up with one of our very own influential women at Malaika Media; Mariam Mwanje who is the operations manager of our Malaika Prints studio. She shares with us about studio work, family and life in general. Check it out below;

Reuben : Hi, Mariam, tell us about Malaika Prints as a studio and what you offer the people?

Mariam : Malaika Prints is the studio wing of the Malaika Media brand focused on providing photography, video, printing, graphics design and photo framing services.

The Malaika Prints team

Reuben : What sets Malaika Prints studio apart from the rest of Uganda’s photography, video and creative services?

Mariam : With Malaika Prints, it’s more than just the money, we take pride in attention to detail and making the best out of the smallest things. Sometimes, we get small jobs but we make sure that they are handled with the same zeal and creative attitude as we would for something big. Building a relationship with all our clients is something we consider very important.

Reuben : What is the breakdown of photography and video in regards to the services you offer for anyone out there that is curious ?

Mariam : We do photography; indoor photo shoots such as professional head shots, family shoots, passports, corporate shoots, couples shoots etc as well as outdoor shoots such as baby showers, baptisms, birthdays and much more. Not forgetting, product photography shoots as well where we capture your products so that it appears as you would want your target market to see it.

Everything we do with photography, we can offer in video as well so please do not hesitate to contact us for any of these services.

Reuben : Who are your biggest clientele and what is the most sought after service ?

Mariam : Our biggest clientele is the corporate world and families looking for a photo that brings out their targeted look to suit their needs. Our biggest services come from family shoots as well as individuals looking to have photo moments to savor for ages.

Reuben : What is a typical day at Malaika Prints like ?

Mariam : We are always at the studio by 8:00 am, greetings are in order, cleanliness is key so we make sure everything is set then we start to finish up with work that needs to be edited as we prepare to engage or look for new business to keep the studio running. We normally have appointments for photo shoots so we call the clients to confirm times when they will be coming in so that we can be ready to have them.

Product photography featuring Jagaya products

Reuben : What should Uganda expect from Malaika Prints in 2020 ?

Mariam : They should expect the best in quality services that are all inclusive for all walks in life. We believe that everyone deserves to have a photo of themselves every once in a while so we want to create packages that are all inclusive.

Reuben : In a world where smart phones capture great moments too, why should people still take time to visit a studio ?

Mariam : We know that phones capture moments too but our professionals know how to bring out the intended look as well as our state of the art equipment is designed to give you the perfect look that is hard to rival. You can also have a good phone but phones run out of space, at Malaika Prints we help keep your photos for you that you can get anytime so this helps you free up space on your phone.

We have an app that’s coming up that is going to revolutionize photography; this will help our clients send the pictures from wherever they are while maintaining the quality. Through the app, you can share them with us for whatever you want to do and have them at your convenience.

Bringing out the life in you

Reuben : What message can you offer to women out there about this year’s international women’s day with the them “Each for Equal” ?

Mariam : Women out there need to stop underestimating their potential; women are running businesses, taking care of their families and growing themselves but one can only do that if they get up and take action. This world offers women with a great amount of opportunities and it is high time they take advantage.

Reuben : Any last words to clients and other people out there ?

Mariam : We would like to thank the clients that always choose us for they are the reason we remain relevant and in business. We also want to thank those that follow and engage with us on social media for they give us meaningful feedback and the encouragement that our work is appreciated. 2020 is a year where we shall be making our services better to put a smile on their faces.

Malaika Prints was featured on Kampala FM
Mariam Mwanje brought her lovely son over for a shoot too

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