Malaika profiles : Justine Nabunya

If devotion was a human being then Justine Nabunya would be the person. Her love for what she does is shown by the work she does for Malaika Media. On top of her dexterous approach to her work, she is a welcoming and friendly soul which makes relating with her a whole lot better. We took time to let Justine tell her story to the world as we celebrate December’s personality of the Malaika Profiles.

Her Role

Justine is a specialist in video editing, working on all the content from the projects. she is essential in post production. Ensuring that clients’ stories are told in a way befitting of Malaika Media standards as well as the brands that we work with.

A typical day in Justine’s life

It’s always busy when it comes to Justine and her work; reporting early to work so that she can meet the required project deadlines. She spends her day on her PC editing videos for clients to ensure that they are just right for the world to see. Justine also believes that feedback is key in the work she does therefore sparing some time each day to read emails from clients for necessary changes needed.

Teamwork is an essential part of the post production process in order to get a second opinion on all work. Justine takes time to share all her videos with the creative director and production coordinator for a review of the work.

Her take on working at Malaika Media

Malaika Media stands out because it gives value for money; all work sent out to clients has to be of a certain quality. “We believe that it is a great responsibility to be entrusted with the image of these brands. Therefore giving them the value for their resources.”

Hobbies and Passions

When Justine isn’t busy doing her magic, she takes time to read a lot especially business magazines because it helps broaden her mind and relaxes her in her free time. She also likes to sing whenever she has the chance whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom or in her living room.

Traveling is another activity she loves to do whenever she has the time, she loves to see the world and the different cultures. She has been blessed to have visited many destinations though she chooses not to disclose at the moment.


Justine is a true definition of the perfect balance of life and work; fully devoted to her work but always takes the opportunity to experience life whenever she can. She advises everyone to cherish their work but always find the time to live a little.

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    December 18, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Sister Justine, I can attest to everything that’s been written here about you. You’re a gem. Keep shining??

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