Why Your Brand should invest in video production

Whether you have a product to sell or a service to provide, or simply just building your brand; the way you put yourself out there is key to how people see you. The way you sell yourself is what is termed as your content.

Brand owners need good content to achieve success and growth for their brands. Growing a brand is essential to getting your name out there and making yourself known, and video is one of the best ways to do this. Take a look at why your business needs video, and here is why we know you should be working with us very soon for the best branded video content in East Africa.

Video is the hot cake of online content / brand marketing

Videos Are a Necessary Marketing Tool

Once you have branded content video production created, you have a product that can speak for your business on so many media forms. Embedding video on your website, using it for paid ads, running it on social media platforms, having a YouTube channel — Video offers you an array of platforms to market yourself and earn as well.

Online Videos Are the New Advertising

Did you know that in this digital era, more videos are being uploaded online in a month than what television networks have created in the past 30 years. This ground breaking comparison shows that brands need content that’s easily shareable and can be accessible on a number of platforms so as to expand the realm on which the brand can advertise itself.

The world is driven by a social media thrilled generation where social capital is now a bigger deal than ever. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube etc. — these are the social media platforms where people are consuming your content so make sure to make it worthwhile and memorable.

When you have amazing branded video content, you won’t be skipped over when it comes to views or advertising. Video production is key in setting the bar for creating brand awareness and captivating advertising / documentary content.

Videos vividly explains your product, brand or business

Videos are a great opportunity to demonstrate what your business is doing. Whether you’ve launched a new product or you’re explaining what your brand is all about, videos make your message much clearer. If people don’t understand your product/business and aren’t enticed by it, they’re not going to buy into it – Video helps provide much-needed clarity.

Learn from some of the best

Not only do videos explain your product or business function, they can also be a great tool to explain your vision. Potential customers are drawn to great storytelling, and a video can provide the emotive piece your marketing strategy needs.

Videos Improve SEO Value

A term that perks up the ears of every marketing-savvy person, videos are a great way to boost organic rankings. Having great content, images coupled with relevant videos on your site gives it a better chance of rising through the ranks of Google search pages.

Partner with the right kind of video producers

Branded video content allows you to spread your message effectively to the general public. But it takes more than just having any randomly made video to do well. You need a production that reflects your company with high-quality and that is visually-appealing making people want to watch and discover more.

Malaika Media helps you take your video content production to the next level; tell your story, talk about your product or service in a perfectly curated manner that allows you to entertain and educate your target market.

Be unique, stand out from the cloud

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