Malaika media : a breath of fresh air for brands in the new year

There is so much that drives what we do but two things ultimately stand out ; our passion for photography and the need to tell brand stories the way they ought to be. Malaika Media had a 2019 that many other media companies could only dream of ; not to brag but to acknowledge how blessed we are. With the hard work and the creativity of the team, the galaxy is the limit (not the sky).

If this is your first time visiting our blog, well, a little back ground ; Malaika Media is a a team that specializes in photography, video, web and print. With our passion and dexterity in the field of media, we have put ourselves in a position to not only tell our story but the many stories of our partnering brands.

Over the course of the past decade, we have been honored to work with some of the biggest brands across Africa. This has not only grown our portfolio but also given us the understanding of how corporate brand images should be. This feat has put us among the top media companies in the land, winning a couple of awards along the way.

Malaika Media work appreciated at the Titans Awards : Country and Regional winner

What makes us who we are

Malaika Media boasts of a team of young yet experienced, vibrant and creative minds that have taken the time to comprehend media in its various scopes ; photography, video-graphy, documentary work, branding, drone filming and live streaming just to mention but a few.

Our biggest asset is the fact that we take the time to continue learning the craft in a field that is constantly evolving with the dynamism of technology in the 21st century. Keeping our heads grounded to learn and maintain a consistent quality of work that has won over the trust of many companies as well as attracted new ones to work with us.

What’s cooking in 2020

First things first, maintaining the standard of work that has kept us at the top of the media game in East Africa. We however want to add to what we already do by sensitizing businesses on why certain aspects of the media are essential for their marketing and public image ultimately.

It is one thing to sell a product to a business owner but a whole different ball game to show them why their brand needs the given service. Many businesses out in the corporate jungle are still skeptical in the use of video content for their social media as well drone filming. The year 2020 symbolizes a dawn of a new age where digital content requires a healthy mix of video, photography and blog content for their websites and online presence.

Brands such as Nile Breweries have made the most out of aspects such as drone filming which has given them a unique vibe thus elevating them to the top of the beverage market in Uganda. Confidence, a sense of uniqueness coupled with calculated strategy can make your brand the next big thing.

All companies need a digital presence in this day and age, and with that digital presence comes the need for quality photography and video to feed the public eye.

The expert touch

The corporate image is something that is very delicate; whatever you put out affects and impacts your brand in a given way. With that being said, the quality of content put out through video, photography and other forms of media is something that needs to be considered greatly.

Never compromise when it comes to brand image and that means that organisations should align themselves to work with seasoned media service providers that know what it takes to elevate your brand’s look. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is what Malaika Media is all about.

Video content created by Malaika Media

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