Revive The Magical Bayimba 2017 Edition Festive With These Stunning Pictures

The Bayimba Festival of the arts is undoubtedly the biggest festival in East, Central and some parts of
Africa. And the 2017 edition was another testimony of how bigger it gets each other year. And this
year’s festival was special. They were celebrating their 10 th anniversary. And like all festivals, their
deliveries on creative facets, dance artistry, visual artistry, fashion designing, music and poetry were
And while there were exhilarating write-homes about all of the 3 days, Sunday was the most anticipated
day. For, one, because Ugandan music legend, Joseph Mayanja alias Joze Chameleone was supposed to
perform the previous day, Saturday. But he didn’t. Because he is a legend, music extraordinaire, the
celebrated Joze Chameleon. And Chameleons agree to arrive in time and then arrive 3 days later lugging
what looks like a genuine reason. They make you believe that they were held by circumstances they had
no control over. It is just, when Chameleon explained the same after coming late at the Bayimba
Festival, the organization and fans couldn’t have any of it. He was supposed to be the highlight of
Saturday, seeing as Cindy was the highlight of Friday. The people waited in anticipation but as per the
rules, he couldn’t perform.
So his performance was pushed to the next day, Sunday, to put two of Uganda’s music legends
(Chameleone and Bobi Wine) on the same day. And at around 4:00pm, he stepped onto stage in his full
glory. He gave the revelers a performance of a life time, taking them through a number of his old and
present songs. And all were received by such thunderous applauds and deafening sing-alongs. He was
great for music lovers. But he wasn’t the only awe-inciting act. The legendary music group Limit X also
put on great act. On the other stages other artists showed their prowess .For all the 3 days, visual artists,
Djs from the Femme Electronic academy (at Goethe Zentrum,) showed their best. Creativity in all
spheres was at the utter most peak! The fashion show with jaw dropping designs being the show
stopper in this category.
As most of the entertainment was on the outside, the auditorium was filled to capacity on the last day,
Sunday as the music legend Lord Fred Sebatta was set to perform. He did perform. A performance that
left no one in their seats. It was massive.
Bobi Wine was the epic icing on the cake. His performance came at a time when he was in the news for
having become a Member of Parliament. The whole country had quickly gotten accustomed to seeing
him in suits, debating and spewing political propaganda and what not. The picture of him on stage had
hastily left their minds. A reasoned they waited in anticipation for his performance. And it came at
11:00pm on the final day of Sunday.


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