3 Days To Remember At Milege International Music Festival 2017 Edition

There are a number of music festivals in the country. But there is none quite like the Milege World Music Festival, yet. Its one place people experience all; dance, music, happiness, travel, nature, food name it.

Started by a band called the Milege as a small indoor event three years ago, the festival has now spread its tentacles to an annual event that hosts artists from Uganda, Africa and the world over. Though dubbed a music festival, the Milege had so much more to offer. Every morning, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens were beaming with activity before the actual music experiences. There is an early morning Aerobics and Zumba class.  A tour to the Uganda Wild Life  Educational Centre (UWEC) and also another to the great Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary all prior to the musical experience that takes place later after lunch. As if that’s not enough, they line a parade of creatives, artists, poets, dance artistes, story tellers and a little dose of fashion too.


The festival this year started on a rather slow note. The guests trickled in slowly on the first day. Throwing panic to the organizers and vendors. It threatened to be a no show. But that was like a preparation for the great things that lay ahead. On the second and third day was when the life of the festival was birthed. Hordes poured into the vicinity. Both young and  old. Then the festival sprung to its full glory. The more the merrier indeed.

The festival presented an array of performers who were all worth the time. From Rockie Crew to Rays Rastas, Tontoma poets to the South African KYC.

Oh the KYC. These gentlemen would win the best performance award  if there was any. They used no instruments but they stomped the ground so hard and the tempo they produced created beats. Their bold and strong voices left the crowds in awe! Then the Israeli Totemo  that carried the crowd with them to this heavenly musical realm. Worth every listening second. Then the MC’s Cleopatra and Roger Mugisha also worked the crowds really well. We truly can’t wait for the musical ride again next year. Malaika media as a partner was there to capture all these beautiful  moments. See for yourself here.

 Totemo from Tel Aviv, Israel Perforiming Photo Credit Museruka Emmanuel
Totemo from Tel Aviv, Israel Performing Photo Credit Museruka Emmanuel


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