Why you need professional photography for your marketing

Photography is a very crucial aspect of conceptualizing your marketing plans. Whatever the product or service, think about how you tell your story to the end user. Marketing is all about perception – if you look cheap, expect people to start by asking, “how much?” however if you portray quality and you will attract customers who value quality and are more than willing to pay for it.

Marketing is all about communicating how you add value to society – tapping into commercial photography is an excellent way to create an image for your business that is unique. In a world filled with so much that’s going on, the need for a brand to stand out is more than essential – how you capture attention is integral.

Instead of using generic stock photos, smart brands should search for photographers to capture images that will evoke interest and tell a visual story of who they are. As a business, you have to showcase #photo content that clearly speaks for your identity – always avoid generic images.

The trained eye of a professional photographer captures emotions in a photo for your product or service and how it relates to a client. After all, marketing in the digital age is all about appealing to human emotion and bombarding people with the sell of a product. The customer should feel that the product is a part of who they are – people look for emotional value when they make purchasing decisions and this is where brands ought to focus.

By letting a professional photograph your product in the right setting, you will increase your perceived value due to the emotional relevance of your product.

Content that comes in handy for all your platforms

Using a professional photographer will give you a bank of images for your e-mails, website and marketing collateral – to capture attention, entice engagement and win click-throughs. Here are five reasons why you need a professional photographer for your content :

1. Quality images are associated with quality brands

Using a professional means that each and every image will be top quality, sharp and on brand – just what you want to attract new prospects. Plus, a good photographer who really ‘gets’ your brand should be able to come up with new, creative ways to reach your distracted, digital audience.

2. Achieving uniqueness

The right photographer can supply you with a collection of beautiful, unique images that really convey your brand image and personality. If you work in a competitive industry, you will be sure that the images you use are yours and avoid the risk of using stock images that your competitors could be using as well.

3. Consistency

The next best thing after quality work or service is consistency – by hiring a professional photographer, you can be rest assured your images will all convey a polished image with consistent colours, lighting and backgrounds. Your brand has a specific look and feel, so reflect this in your images. Remember that an experienced photographer can make an everyday scene look special such as we do at Malaika Media.

Image is key – as told by corporate headshots Miami

4. The ability to reuse and repurpose

You can use your images to build your brand across a wide range of social platforms as well as on your website and in blog posts. You’ll have a source of top images to adapt, reuse and repurpose to your heart’s content – this is worth the service and every penny you spend.

5. Connect with your audience

The best marketing campaigns are those that resonate with their audience, enhancing and affecting emotions in the right way. The aim with these photos is to make people act on your content – that won’t happen with uninspiring shots. Using professional photographers, you will be able to have your brand story told in a way that evokes interest from the target customer.

Malaika Media

Malaika Media is a team that provides next-generation professional media services empowering brands to connect with their target market. Utilizing our media expertise to tell your story serving companies that appreciate their social image.

We produce compelling photography as well as captivating video services for our clients on their projects and marketing plans. We help you to engage the viewer and communicate a message with the world.

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