Malaika Media team plans the perfect early birthday surprise

Planning birthdays can be trickier than you think but it always proves to be worthwhile when you witness the joy on the recipient’s face. December has given Malaika Media so much to celebrate and birthdays have been a big contributor. This time round, the team took time off to plan a surprise for our creative director; Emmanuel Museruka who was born on Christmas day. Since Christmas would find the team on holiday, the D-day was pushed a couple of days early.

The preparations for this day started weeks earlier with a WhatsApp group that honestly turned into a market place of ideas and suggestions. Of course, there are always people that are off topic in every group but, hey, everyone has a role to play. After all the dust had settled, the team agreed on doing something intimate and fun at Legends Bar and Restaurant Kampala.


The date was 13th December, strategically set on a Friday evening getting everyone in a party frenzy as the preparations were in final gear with reservations in place. Drinks and bites prepared as the team still attempted to get Emmanuel to the location without raising suspicion.

Reluctantly, Emmanuel agreed to go to the venue in the guise of a drink with a friend who ushered him to Legends. To his surprise, the team popped out from their hiding spots to give him a big surprise while the DJ played a birthday melody.

Putting it in description; Emmanuel is generally a happy person but he reached a new level of happiness when the surprise unraveled not sure of whether to jump or burst out in laughter as the team sang along to the DJ’s tune. Emmanuel’s smile was what they meant when the term “ear to ear” was coined.


The evening was a climax to what can be described as a topsy-turvy year with so much achievement and painful disappointment as well.

A symbolic moment

This event symbolized that a healthy work team isn’t just one that shows up for the day to day tasks but one that takes time to show their love and support even outside the realms of work.

Once again, we say – “Happy Early Birthday, Emma”

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