Malaika media doing its part in the fight against covid19

The Corona virus poses a global challenge that affects us all and Uganda is no exception. President Yoweri Museveni took the time to address the nation decreeing safety measures and a ban on certain activities to curb the spread of this highly contagious virus in Uganda.

With schools, church gatherings and public events put on hold, those that remain active have been urged to be vigilant. It is key to uphold the measures put in place by the World Health organization as continually emphasized by the Ministry of Health Uganda and the President.

President Museveni addresses the nation on COVID19

Malaika media pledges to do its part

Malaika Media is a business that serves the community through photography, video, branding, and documentary work – we have a relatively sizeable team on top of clients that come over especially at the studio. We have put measures in place to safeguard and curb the spread of COVID19 in Uganda.

Measures put in place

  • We have hand sanitizers at our office and studio for the team and clients to disinfect when they come in as well as during departure.
  • Minimal physical contact in the form of no handshakes; just a simple wave and smile is in order.
  • Any member of the team showing signs of sickness is immediately given temporary leave and checked by a recommended doctor to ensure that staff are in perfect health.
protecting yourselves against the Corona virus from the World Health Organization
  • Reduction of crowds at the studio; client shoots are done on schedule to avoid large numbers of people at the studio at once. For those picking up finished photos, we are delivering to where they are or agreeing on times when they can pick the products.
  • The team has been instructed to practice social distancing when not at work; avoid any gatherings in their free time, try as much as possible to avoid public transport and only move out of their homes when necessary.
  • Safety masks have been purchased to minimize on the chances of carrying and spreading the virus.

Malaika media stands with the Ministry of Health and the nation at large in fighting COVID19. We are ensuring that we do our part to the fullest, we encourage that you do yours too. Stay vigilant, stay woke – let’s join efforts to end this global pandemic.

Photography in Uganda : Hand Sanitizer at the counter at the Malaika Prints studio

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