the effect of corona virus on the photography industry

Corona virus has hit the world very hard, testing the very limits and abilities of human medical capabilities. Over the years, we have had outbreaks come and go, without such impact but this one has put the world at a stand still affecting all sectors and suffocating many activities.

The inception

The virus originated in Wuhan China after certain cases of pneumonia were registered although seemingly a lot more aggravated. An investigation was launched in January 2020 that linked back to the  Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.

Photo courtesy of Bulletin of the Atomic scientists : Read more about the origin of the Corona Virus HERE

The repercussions

Countries have had to set up quarantines and travel bans in precautionary measure to curb the spread of this virus. It has significantly affected professions across the globe with schools closed, sports events and tournaments paused and concerts cancelled in a bid to manage the spread of this threat that is as physically contagious as it is airborne.

One of the sorely affected industries is that of photography – this profession cuts across geographical boundaries to tell stories through the power of the camera. Most professional companies or free lancers actually engage with clients and partners from different countries.

Influential projects like these can’t be possible with travel restrictions – Read about how former Irish Rugby star Rob Herring visited Uganda to promote the game and reach out to the children in conjuction with SELF HELP AFRICA

The limitation of travel restrictions

With all the travel and community restrictions, photographers find themselves in a quandary where they can’t travel to certain regions and are as well unable to have their clients travel to where they are – putting a halt on business and ultimately stifling their incomes.

Public activities have been halted and everyone advised to remain indoors in some places leading to a great reduction in business as testified by many photographers while clients have also put their own activities on hold creating a ripple effect no one wants to face. The longer this goes on, the more it is bound to affect national and global economies.

From a local perspective

Many in the industry are now unable to do the work that keeps them going on a daily basis. With weddings, documentaries, conferences and marketing all put on hold, photographers have been left contemplating what to do and how the next few months will be.

Where there is tragedy, there is opportunity

In chaos, there is always a small group that has opportunities – corona virus is the hot cake of news currently which has to be told with photos and videos. Some brave photographers have used this as an opportunity to take on the mantle to document proceedings for the world to see.

Photo captured in China courtesy of WHO Trades feed

Putting their health at risk for the cause and earning big bucks while at it – well, someone had to do it. What arises is an intriguing paradox that some photographers have actually benefited while the majority have to endure with the limitations in place due to this pandemic.

Malaika Media stands with all people in affected areas across the world and families that have lost their loved ones. We stand tall and urge everyone to implement the measures set by the World Health Organisation to fight the Corona Virus as we aim to regain normalcy in global photography and other industries at large.

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