Celebrating and inspiring greatness in people: Kizito Mudambo

Over the past nine years it’s been about photography, photo editing, video production, video editing and post-production. We got lost in the day-to-day noise of deadlines, meetings, and endless emails. However, it has been a journey, a mile stone and it is worth celebrating and inspiring greatness in the people that have seen us come this far through their unfeigned support .

Kizito Mudambo with Emmanuel Museruka during one of the Rural Electrification Agency(REA) TVC shoot

It is so important to recognize the people who make your business shine. We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and inspire greatness in the people who have made us who we are from the beginning of time. 2010 was the inception of our video production and photography idea. In 2013 Malaika Media got incorporated as a registered company in Uganda. We extended our tentacles to Kigali, Rwanda and registered Malaika Media Rwanda in 2014 with Anna Kaliza. In 2014, we spread our wings to Kenya where I met an amazing lady whose name is Jane Kamanda. With her help,we were able to register Malaika Media Kenya. Unfortunately, the process wasn’t completed; we however look forward to completing it some day.

Here’s to those who inspire you and don’t even know it.

L-R; Emmanuel Museruka, Blessing Naturinda, Nazil Muzungu, Kat Graham, Kibunga Michael and Ssozi Ozi

Many more people have have come in and out of Malaika Media and have greatly impacted its existance. These include in no order, Kizito Mudambo, Blessing Naturinda, Michael Kibunga, Rhona Kagumire, Sandra Namusabi , Justine Nabunya, Nazil Muzungu, Jjumba Martin, Oscar Kibuuka, Joan Trisa, Kennedy Oreste, Kihumuro Reaben, Rose Atuhaise, Dazzle Mukisa, Cedric Bichano, Immaculate Alapo, Ssozi Ozi, Shafiq Senabulya, Julie Mirembe, Jackie Namatovu, Kawande Martin, Rwerekana Ivan, Daphine Karashani, Tony Wandera, myself Emmanuel Museruka, and many others. We would love to celbrate and inspire greatness in these and those that are to come

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant; to enact gratitude is generous and noble; but to like gratitude is to touch heaven.

Johannes Gaertner
celebrating and inspiring greatness
Kizito filming at interview from Cleopatra Koheire for Jump by Vodafone

Today we celebrate and recognise Kizito Mudambo for his outstanding performance. Even when he has now moved on to start his media company, his contribution to the growth of Malaika Media between 2011 – 2018 cannot be overlooked. Kizito jumped on to the video production idea in 2011 and he worked so hard to get himself equip with video production and editing skills . Being a self taught videographer and editor didn’t come easy. He spent countless hours downloading tutorials from torrents, watching and practicing. All in all, he was an ultimate winning partner who worked tirelessly to beat clients’ video editing deadlines and in the field to creating stunning video shots.

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.

Margaret Cousins
celebrating and inspiring greatness
Kizito Mudambo with Mercy of Tru Trade during a Mercy Corps Production in Northern Uganda

Have you ever worked with some one with a solution to all IT problems?, Kizito is one of the kind. His love for computer manifested in the support he rendered to the team. He fixed broken computers, software, networks … damn! Dude was a force to reckon in the company. Did i mention he loves marvel movies? Of course he downloaded many of those using company internet at one point, but nevertheless he needed a break from the weekly and weekend hustles.

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