Passionately talented : Tuhaise Rose discusses photography

March is all about celebrating women and in this piece, we shine a light on Tuhaise Rose. A professional photographer and editor with the Malaika prints studio. She was introduced to the craft while at Extreme focus in 2017 – her trajectory has been a one way rise to the top ever since.

Uniquely talented is the best description to the lady who loves to call herself an artist. Possessing not only the ability to capture awesome photos but also the warmness to make clients feel at home. She adds that, “when a client is comfortable, it shows in the photos”. That is her goal whenever she interacts with clients that come to the studio for a photo shoot.

Rose Tuhaise on the rare ocassions when she is the one in front of the camera

Rozy (nickname) talks of working with Malaika prints as a surreal experience that pushes one to get better so as to march or surpass the standards of those around her. “Malaika media has a healthy competitive environment where you can’t afford to be redundant – growth is a must.”

I was inspired to do photography while at campus. I remember while at my mother’s place in Kamwokya, I used to go to a nearby studio where I would take at least one picture in soft copy at shs1000. I would then sit next to the photographer or editor and ask them how they did their things. – Rose, Glim


Rose has been blessed to work on some amazing projects such as the Hip-Hop awards and the Global Alliance. In the field of photography, it is about establishing a great rapport wherever you go, networks are key. She aspires to be among the top photographers in the country in a couple of years to come. Atamba Natalie is her biggest inspiration that kept her going even when self belief was low.

Keep shining Rose !!

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