Bakiga Nation-Rukundo Egumire 5th Edition: 2018 Best One Day Festival

Malaika Media Is always at the forefront of events in Uganda. This time round,  the winds swept us to the  Bakiga Nation(RUKUNDO EGUMIRE) 5th edition fest at hilltop gardens  Naguru.

For long, there has been a stereotype about the Bakiga. That they are naturally arrogant bullies. A bunch of rude people who are always looking for a reason to stage and engage in a fight. For generations, this has been the prevalent perception about the Bakiga Tribe. But if you attended any of the Bakiga Nation events, you will realize that notion might be a far cry from reality. If not, then the tribe has truly evolved! They are now the envy of many a tribe in Uganda. They are fun, loving and sure know how to throw a good party.

The 5th edition of the Bakiga Nation was recently held at the Hilltop Hotel, Naguru. Massive it was. The festivity has for sure grown to outlive the intention of its founders. It now brings together not only the Bakiga but also attracts different tribes from all over Uganda and also other nationalities. But that does not take away the fact that its roots stem from Kiga and for this, they still hold the event in their language, Kiga.

The event, unlike other social gatherings boasts of a variety of activities. Fun games like skipping, tug of war and the like. It’s also an opportunity to indulge in the zonk that comes with drinking the cultural drink ‘Omuramba’ served in beautifully carved gourds and other alcoholic drinks available.

It had a series of performances from cultural groups and artistes from Western Uganda, much to the delight of revelers.

Who are the Bakiga anyway?                                 

The Bakiga are a tribe form Western Uganda, under the Bantu ethnic group. They are believed to have migrated from Rwanda in search of water, pasture, fertile soil and whatever your primary teacher told you. They first settled  in Bwisa,  moved to Bugoyi, then to Rutchru, all in Zaire, and they finally settled in Kigezi. They were reputed for just their pastoralism back in the day. But not anymore. The bakiga today are known to be among the most hardworking people in Uganda, and to attest to this, are a number of prominent figures in the public and private business sectors.

Bakiga Nation Roots.

It started like a Whatsapp group. A bunch of OG’s and OB’s decided they should be meeting up every once in a while to catch a few drinks. But the fever grew, and later more people were joining the group. Ecstatically, they asked to meet up over drinks and Nyama Choma. Then later, as numbers grew, and the camaraderie became more effusive every other day, it morphed into a fully-fledged Bakiga culture extravaganza when ‘omuramba’ (the local bakiga brew) was suggested, and several other components like musicians from Western Uganda were added to spice it up and make it the Bakiga Nation event that it is now.


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