How brands can use documentaries in content marketing

As a business owner in a very dynamic digital era, you can end up with a million questions on your mind. There are so many types of content and so many platforms which makes picking out “the one” similar to playing Russian roulette.

Businesses need video for their content marketing but what kind of videos does your brand need. One thing is for sure; video is a must in this day and age simply because information disseminated through video has a higher engagement retention than image posts and blog articles. With that being said, let’s talk about documentaries and how they can benefit your business.

What is a documentary video

A documentary video is a non-fictional, motion picture intended to tell a story through showing reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record”.

Documentaries are the newest form of video content and there’s a very good reason why it is so successful. Rather than creating a adverts need a big advertising spend to distribute it successfully; by creating free, short-form documentaries, the brand will not only have the potential for massive organic sharing on social media but also to lift its image in the eyes of its customers.

Video reigns supreme in 2020

Video is the undisputed King of content marketing – Research shows that 60% of online consumers will watch a video before reading any text and video has the highest click through rate of any form of digital advertising. This is why it is important to make engaging video content because what you put out can make or break you.


Storytelling is the new way of marketing ones brand – the documentary-style branded video takes this idea a step further. If stories are universally appealing to audiences, a short film or documentary style video offers a bigger and better delivery form than a traditional short-form video.

The beauty of documentary is one moves away from over marketing their brand which gets monotonous and boring. Documentaries are a way for brands to use other people’s stories to indirectly communicate something about themselves. Appealing to the human emotion is the best way to get the public to relate with your brand – it gives brands a chance to be creative, to target particular audiences with specifically tailored content, and above all, it helps them stand out from the crowd.

George vividly breaks down the essence of documentaries to brands

Pointers you ought to keep in mind

When making content, there are certain things that you should always remember so as to stand out from the crowd.

  • Quality videos over quantity
  • Story telling
  • Relatable to humanity

Malaika Media is a firm believer that every brand needs to indulge in documentary video production; be it a short or long video. such content goes a long way in stating what your brand is all about. We have been blessed to work on documentaries with reputable brands throughout our journey – Keep scrolling and see what we mean.

Some of our work

Where is Justice documentary video

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