Why product photography is essential for your business

In today’s world, we all have something to sell; a service, a skill or a product. Luckily in this day and age, photography is one of the strongest ways to market who you are or what your brand represents. It’s one thing to talk or write about your product but it’s something totally different when it comes to using photography to tell a story. Photography brings your brand to life.

What is product photography

Product photography is a concept that tells you a lot about the item from size, shape, colour, and even how it is used. There are many different types of product photography. From simple studio product images to the lifestyle approach, products in action, group photos of a product line, product packaging, and more. It’s an array of options to choose from honestly.

Why product photography

You might be wondering why you need professional photography for your products and here is why we think it is essential especially in the digital age today;

  1. Seeing is believing; you want to give your market a visual impression of what you are selling to them. In Uganda, people don’t read much but a captivating photo can draw lots of attention.
  2. Improve your SEO; for websites showcasing products, one of the aspects of search engine optimization ranking for your industry is great photos. Quality photography with the right naming and alt texts helps searching engines take you to the top of the search options for the potential client to see.
  3. Preference; Let’s be honest with each other – when scrolling through social media, how often do you stop to read something just because of a captivating picture and how fast do you scroll away when there is something of poor quality.
  4. Brand image; as a brand, it is essential to associate yourself with quality in everything you do. This ideally is how the public will perceive you. Not to mention that people love to associate with good things. Why do you think brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and more spend millions on their image.

Quality product photography is used to replace those of the five senses a customer cannot use for an online purchase. As a retailer, you need to ensure that you showcase your products to their fullest potential

Courtesy of Flux Magazine

Take the step today

Malaika media appreciates good branding and photography, we appeal to all brand owners to be critical about their image. It’s never too late to start a partnership with a professional for better photography – it’s also never too late to revamp / reinvent your look.

Not to brag but Malaika Media has been working with lots of brands in Uganda and beyond the borders for years now. Understanding that photography helps tell the story of that particular brand. It’s not just a matter of taking photos but capturing a moment that evokes emotion. This is the difference that makes your target market choose one brand over the other. 80% of purchasing decisions are made based on emotion / perception towards a brand.

Get in touch and let’s plan your brand’s future through professional photography done with dexterity.

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