Giving back through The Lens Foundation

The Lens foundation is a child born to passion and empathy; a culmination of the love for photography coupled with the need to give back to the less privileged. This was a project that was kicked started by Mukisa Dazzle and Emmanuel Museruka – Emmanuel had been a professional documentary and wedding photographer for 3 years prior to this.

The foundation was based on the need to give back to the community through photography which was a passion that the two shared. Many people, children in particular, grow up in the harshest of situations with little access to basics or the joys of life.

Photography is meant to capture moments and celebrate memories in every aspect of life which is something that many lack. On top of the photography, Emmanuel was a volunteer and occupational therapist with Hospice Africa Uganda where he worked with cancer patients. It wasn’t the easiest of challenge as he confesses to have lost on average 20 patients monthly.

The Cancer experience

Despite the deaths, Emmanuel would always document the patients through photo and videography – it gave them a sense of joy and revealed priceless smiles that were usually a rarity in their condition. These moments captured through photography would evoke joy among the patients who shared these beautiful moments with their loved ones; unfortunately, these would be the last pictures to be taken for most of them.

The patients would be absolutely delighted in seeing their pictures and having printed copies of them. This was something that preoccupied them at a time in their lives filled with medication and sadness most of the time. Emmanuel saw this as a way to spark life and considered it a type of therapy which was essential – something he called Photo-therapy.

Emmanuel, along with his team, have decided to make a bigger impact to people in tough situations – they are partnering with lots of organisations and volunteering photographers to make a change to people’s livelihood through the art and passion that is photography.

The vision is to bring together as many photographers and videographers as well to give back through their time and expertise – this foundation is open to all who want to lay a hand to those in need and welcome as many volunteers as possible.


Visit the website : THE LENS FOUNDATION – Be a volunteer today : JOIN THE TEAM

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